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Côtes-du-Rhône Sans Sulfites


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The Vergniaud - Bernard family

Michel Bernard’s family has lived in Orange since the 17th century. « Mesnagers » or tenant farmers, the Bernards were to profit from the social upheavals of the French Revolution, buying their first vineyard soon after the conflict in 1794. This vineyard is still present nowadays.
Since 1971, Michel Bernard runs with his wife Dominique, the vineyard, which they have developed since and in 2004, their eldest daughter joined the board.
Today Château Beauchêne has become the hub for the vinification and maturation of all the cuvees from the different vineyards owned by the family.
3 appellations are represented amongst our 70 hectares :
- Châteauneuf du Pape
- Côtes du Rhône Villages
- Côtes du Rhône

The whole harvest is bottled at the Château. In close collaboration with the research department of Inter-Rhône, Michel Bernard is personally looking after the vines and the vinification. Dominique Vergniaud looks after the financial side of the business and the “Galerie”. Amandine Bernard is in charge of the export sales and marketing from the UK.